LOVE2.0 In-home Relationship Toolkit

Finally a powerful, personalized program that lets you work on your relationship at home. If seeinga relationship professional, isn't your thing, The "Golden" LOVE2.0 program will put the tools in your hands to use when and where you want.

The Golden program includes the core program components plus two 1-hour counseling sessions with coach and series creator, Deidra Parrish Williams to help you optimize your results. An  unbeatable value.



Based on the powerful LOVE2.0 Couples Retreats, this comprehensive toolkit delivers the power of couples' counseling exercises, techniques and resources to you in your home, helping you improve the critical aspects of your relationship -- intimacy, communication, respect, partnership, trust and teamwork. Use it at your pace in the comfort of your home, now and any time your relationship needs fine tuning.


Everyone wants their Happily Ever After, LOVE2.0 toolkit gives you the tools.


* Add-On Support *

Heighten your results with two 1-hr sessions scheduled with LOVE2.0 creator, Deidra Parrish Williams. Weekend and evening appointments available.

  • Returns & Refunds

    All LOVE2.0 toolkits are customized to client needs, goals and specifications. Returns and refunds are not available.


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