Do the LOVE2.0 program at home. ANswer some key questions and we'll send a custom toolbox to your door to support your relationship challenges/goals. 

You are wise, gifted and strong, and exploring life coaching proves it! Hollisder House provides supports through traditional 1-to-1 sessions, and custom programs. Founder, Deidra Parrish WIlliams is warm and wise. She's a soft shoulder, a skilled guide, a strong partner and someone clients trust to help them overcome times of doubt, confusion, and stress.


Whether it's work, weight, love, or life -- we'll remove the obstacles, get you feeling strong, and on track to your goal.  

Deidra Parrish Williams' transformational "2.0 Series" of workshops include LOVE2.0, ME2.0,  YOU2.0, and STUDENT YOU, for teens. Every client enjoys warm, supportive attention for feelings confident and capable.

Read more about each program below, or click here > to contact Deidra  any time! 

"Happily Ever After" doesn't just happen.

It takes work. 

LOVE 2.0 gives couples  

the tools. 

Retreats, workshop, & private sessions

Growing up is tough but it's so much easier with warm, uplifting guidance to manage the topsy turvy teen years.

(1-to-1 or group workshops.) 

Your own personal boot-camp to catapult you forward. Concentrated, intensive sessions,

Daily check-ins to keep you confident and on track.

A one-of-a-kind, transformative workshop, perfect for women's conferences, friend-groups and teams

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