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Hollisder House life coaching is about making your next chapter your best chapter. Life is too short to feel stuck, confused or unfulfilled. Hollisder House provides powerful individual and couples support for helping you plan, and propel yourself toward a fulfilling future. No matter where you are, you're just a phone call away from a better tomorrow.

Hollisder House founder Deidra Parrish Williams is the creator of the "2.0 Series" including two core programs LOVE 2.0 and YOU 2.0, both customized to take your love and your life to new heights. They're special opportunities that deliver transformative results. Read more about them below.

Can't make a retreat? Do the work in the comfort of your home. Get a custom-built toolkit delivered to your door, loaded with resources!

"Happily Ever After" doesn't just happen.

It takes work. 

LOVE 2.0 gives you

the tools.

You get one chance at tomorrow. Start planning it today with

6 intensive sessions,

plus daily support to keep you moitvated and on track.

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