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Do the work in the comfort of your home. Get a custom-built LOVE2.0 toolbox at your door with tools, prompts and resources custom built to support your relationship challenges/goals. 

You are wise, gifted and strong, that's why most people seek out life coaching -- to get concentrated support, usually just for a short time, to push through a tough time. Hollisder House provides individuals, group and couples do just that, providing expert guidance and tools to overcome times of doubt, confusion, and uncertainty, helping you get crystal clear about what you want, and how to get it. Whether it's work, weight, love, or life -- we'll remove the obstacles, get you feeling strong, and on track to your goal.  

Hollisder House founder and lifecoach, Deidra Parrish Williams offers private client sessions via phone, videoconference, and in-person (in Charlotte, N.C.) She is also creator of the transformational "2.0 Series" of workshops that include LOVE2.0, ME2.0 and YOU2.0, each expertly designed to take your love and your life to rich new heights. Read about them below, or click > contact Deidra <  directly for more information.

"Happily Ever After" doesn't just happen.

It takes work. 

LOVE 2.0 retreats and in-home tools give 

you the tools.

You get one chance at tomorrow. Start planning it today with

6 intensive sessions,

plus daily support to keep you moitvated and on track.

A one-of-a-kind, transformative program that will help you see yourself more clearly and confidently, leaving you ready to take your life to new heights. 

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