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LIFE Coaching with Deidra

About life coaching  

About The "2.0" Programs

"A friend referred me. I was reluctant, but working with Deidra, I'm clearer about what I'm doing. Best decision in a long time!" 

"Deidra may have saved our marriage. We've referred her to so many other couples."

"Deidra helped me figure out what was missing. Now I have a gameplan."

"I love working with Deidra. I hang up from my sessions so focused."


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   Everyone feels stuck, or unfulfilled at times. That's perfectly normal. Emotions are like  'check engine' lights, letting you know that something needs fixing. 

   Athletes, actors, super successful people, and probably some of your most well-adjusted friends use life coaches to sort through their emotions and figure out what they truly want. And how to do to get it. And you can, too!

   Deidra is a trusted partner, dedicated to helping you explore the possibilities of your future; giving you unbiased feedback; creating a gameplan; helping you work the plan; and building your confidence along the way. 

   Create a plan to get the support you need, when you need it -- on vacation, during your daily commute or your lunch break. Your plan will be designed to help you feel lifted, and focused when you need it most. 

   Clients enjoy working with Deidra for her ability to be intuitive, wise and easy to talk to and always encouraging. 

   With Deidra you will:

    - be heard, & empowered

    - develop confidence in your abilities

    - get clear about what you want

    - create goals and plans

    - work your plan to achieve your goals



Accepting new clients. Flexible schedules available (evenings, weekends) .

Appts are via phone or in-person (in Charlotte, N.C. only).

Policies and fees

For appointments or questions, complete the form below


Includes book club Questions & Discussion Starters 

deidra Parrish Williams
Author, Life Coach & MarComm Consultant

   In a dynamic 30+ year career, Deidra Parrish Williams has lead people and programs in a variety of industries. And whether she's talking to celebrities, coaching couples and clients, leading public discussions, or working on strengthening a corporate brand, her aim is the same -- to help you take control of how your story plays out. 

    Deidra, heads Hollisder House, where she provides transformational life coaching to individuals, couples and groups.

    She's the creator of the the powerful "2.0" series -- a set of specialized coaching programs that provide intensive support for excelerated progress. "Everybody wants to be a better version of themself, but what people often miss is it that work. That's what I provide to individuals, couples and groups - the tools to transform you to you2.0"  

    "LOVE 2.0" is an intensive couples' workshop experience either in a  full or half day retreat, (In Charlotte, NC) or in a customized at-home toolkit, packed with insightful, fun tools to support couples in repairing and strengthening core issues like intimacy, commuication and partnership. Couples credit Deidra's wisdom, warmth and unique partnership philosophy for giving them new tools and perspectives on what strong, lasting relationshps require

    "YOU 2.0" is structured program lasered focused on you. It's the ultimate in self-love, supporting you in understanding your strengths and challenges and providing a roadmap to a happier, and all around better version of yourself.    

Deidra knows what it's like to struggle with accomplishing a goal. A lifelong writer with bylines in Inc, Fast Company, Black Enterprise, Essence, Newsday, Parents, and Marie Claire, it wasn't until she finally made a plan and developed a team that she published the novel she'd been writing for over 10 years. The Current's Whisper, published 2017 is a rich, provocative story about abiding love and unspeakable family secrets that refuse to remain hidden. 

welcome to

Whether you're an executive, athlete, student, or stay-at-home parent, you deserve to have all the joy your heart and hands can hold.  But joy takes work and in the game of life, winners have great coaches. If you're ready to take life to the next level, I'm here to help you do the work. 

A better you awaits.​

-Deidra Parrish Williams, Life Coach


You'll never regret making an investment in your own success. Lose the weight. Start that business. Or find your happily ever after.  Move from where you are to where you truly want to be with support from your own personal life coach. Once considered a luxury just for high-paid executives, life coaching is  a proven approach now used by everyday people from all walks of life.

People use life coaches when they feel stuck, confused, stagnant, unmotivated or alone. Think of it like having an incredible friend who listens, encourages, and supports you in figuring out your next move in life. A friend who is skilled at helping you zero in on your passions, developing attainable goals and concrete plans for attaining them. A friend who helps you clear any obstacles standing in the way. And most important, someone who keeps you encouraged and accountable at every step.   

If that sounds likeDeidra provides 4 coaching options:

  1. A traditional one-on-one relationship for a little or long as you need.

  2. A concentrated short-term contract in the YOU2.0 program

  3. A full-day couples workshop, LOVE2.0

  4. Group workshops for teens or women, ME2.0

Contact Deidra directly for a FREE CONSULTATION 980.220.2109  or

Some of our intensive, customizeable programs and workshops for individuals and couples

Deidra Parrish Williams in the news

 "I am honored to be invited into the sacred spaces of people's lives and I treat it precisely that way."

-Deidra Parrish Williams

BookING Deidra
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Interview on ABCTV NY
Hosting community forum

Hollisder House creates custom workshops, couples retreats and individual lifecoaching programs that transform lives.

"LOVE2.0" is a unique and intensive full or half day workshop designed around a couple's specific stage and challenges. Interactive, informative, loving and fun, couples experience breakthroughs, forgiveness, clarity and increased committment.  All retreats include gourmet prepared meals and take-home aids. 

"YOU2.0" is a powerful six-session program for those who want to ignite their lives 

Clients love Deidra's warm way of inspiring them to get the best out of themselves. Prepare to be lifted and transformed. 

Flexible appts 7 days/wk via phone. (In-person in Charlotte, N.C. only) Accepting new clients. Private pay only. 

Marketing Communications

Deidra puts decades of expert marketing communications in various markets to use supporting clients in various markets to build their brands, promote their visions, and their big ideas. She's a seasoned and trusted leader available to scale up or down to support your needs. Call her to discuss building a comprehensive plan, producing targeted materials, or something in between.

Deidra is at home with a mic in her hand. She contributes to panels on a range of topics from community development, and race in America, to marriage and motherhood. She is fun and full of personality as a charity event host, and she loves literary events where she can share perspectives with her readers. Complete the contact form to initiate a booking request.  

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